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Digital Marketing Company in Los Angeles

Something About Us

Royal Rights is an innovative digital marketing and website design company based in Los Angeles, California. Our progressive strategies are backed by organic growth of real companies. Our company was founded on the passion we had for our growing our very own brand Luxe Bites- A top-rated Los Angeles charcuterie catering company. We learned every step of effective digital marketing for record-breaking sales through a first hand experience. We understand all your challenges growing a business because we have been there. Working with us gives you a tweaked fool-proof method so you are investing wisely in your business not just spending. Since then, we have been obsessed with curating strategic campaigns to connect brands with their target customers to drive quick revenue growth.

Our co-founders Daniel and Cherie form a comprehensive team to bring you a dream team. Daniel hails from an experienced background in IT, public relations and marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit always ensures the team stays updated to the rising demands and changes of today’s digital world. On the other hand, Cherie comes from a corporate sales background and her expertise ensures your team has top-tier customer service around the clock. We listen to all your needs and ensure a personalized experience worth your while. Our drive comes from truly believing in our pudding and the dedication we have to ensure that our client stays on top of their industry. We go that extra two miles to help your business grow. We don’t succeed until your business does. From website design to SEO and PPC campaigns, we offer an all-inclusive Digital marketing experience to all arrays of businesses and industries no matter what stage you’re at. We look forward to welcoming you on-board to bring your business to new heights!