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PPC/Pay-Per-Click Services in Los Angeles

PPC- turn instant and qualified traffic into record-breaking sales

PPC- turn instant and qualified traffic into record-breaking sales

Competing for a top spot in Google search in today’s marketplace is more challenging than ever. Google brings in over 86 million views monthly and can help you to reach your target audience via Google. Not only can it give you massive reach, but also transparency and flexibility to ensure that your marketing efforts deliver maximum impact while reducing cost spend per conversion. To explain best, Google ads is an online advertising opportunity used to target customers by using specific keywords that they will most likely search for. You only pay when your ad gets clicked on which allows you to spend smart marketing dollars that gives you the ROI you deserve. We use our expertise with Google ads to reach your fullest potential for website traffic and conversion into sales. Google Ads allows you to boost your credibility and edge your competition for instant sales as you build your organic SEO. 

At Royal Rights, our PPC marketing team will help you create PPC campaigns from the ground up and provide monthly PPC management services to help drive traffic, leads, and revenue to small and large businesses that are looking to improve their bottom line growth with the use of a search engine. We effectively convert qualified traffic through the ads. We do this by strategically attracting the ideal customers during the buying cycle. Imagine reaching your exact target audience when they are searching for your exact product.  Imagine attracting them to visit your website where they are just a few clicks away from checking out and contributing to your daily sales. This is Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) in a nut-shell. Since 46% of total clicks on Google are from the top 3 paid advertising positions of any search page, let our expert team at Royal Rights bring you to the top of Google search to catch all the qualified traffic you have been missing out on.

Beyond attracting the target customers, we also prioritize data analytics to show you every step and improvement along the way will work to optimize your Google ads campaign. 

Generating qualified traffic goes much deeper than creating a few ads and selecting a handful of keywords. It involves in-depth research, testing, adaption, refinement and scaling. Our PPC team has a proven process dedicated to help your business hit the ground running. We are dedicated to your business growth!